Filipe Pinto Art

Concept Artist and Illustrator

Professional digital artist with 5+ years of experience in creating artwork for games, animation and film.


I've worked on a few projects over the years. Some personally, some professionally.

Project AD

Project AD (Name to be disclosed) is an ARPG I started developing with a team in Fall 2020.It was an idea that I had about a different gameplay approach to RPGs that ended up becoming a level further from just a hobby.This is a unique universe with various Realms, each with unique magical environments to explore.
(More information soon.)
I'm its Project Lead, Game Designer and Creative Director.

Project X-37

Project X-37 was an idea for a first person shooter I started working on in my free time.
In an alternate version of Earth, where nature's growth has accelerated by 100x the normal speed; an AI which spends its full day-time hunting humans in the lower grounds; fungi that invades every living thing; among other challenges... How have humans survived? How are they living and what do they do in their daily lives? How does this apocalyptic Earth look like?

Eighth Alignment

Eighth Alignment is a worldbuilding project I created when I was still in College.
It came at a time where I was still learning the basics of Concept Art and Digital Illustration.The briefing
Eighth Alignment is about a binary solar system that somehow, against all scientific possibilities, harbors several planets and moons with life.
Throughout time, this system's civilizations prospered and even mixed together in conflict, friendship, politics and beyond.
Through imagery, the idea was to capture the uniqueness of each planet's environments, their people and their cultures.

Before We Leave

Before we Leave is a 4X Strategy game I worked for as a freelance Concept Artist and Illustrator.
I was tasked of creating a few concepts for some of its end-game assets and some illustration work.You can find more information on the game here: Before We Leave