XP-PEN 16 Pro quick Review + First Sketch

General / 02 December 2019

Thanks to this last week's Black Friday I decided to buy a new XP-PEN 16 Pro.

It was the first time I bought something outside of Wacom, but I have to be honest, I am really happy with this purchase!
The price is amazing for the great quality it seems to have. I only started sketching out some stuff recently and it feels really good. The pressure sensitivity is ok. Could be better, but it's definitely pretty good for the amount of settings they provide.

I honestly couldn't be happier with it. For the price that I got it, it's totally worth it in my opinion!

If you're a starting artist and you're thinking of going for a tablet. I truly recommend it. Take advantage of the awesome discounts and you can get a great tablet with the awesomeness of drawing directly on screen.
In my experience, I think it makes a difference, since the learning curve isn't as steep as it is with the usual drawing tablets.

(This isn't sponsored or anything. Just sharing my opinion to young/curious artists out there! )


Prints and small update

General / 01 September 2019

Hi! It's been a long time since I posted a blog entry here on ArtStation (I also didn't renew my Pro membership - which didn't help with posting these), so, since I have a few updates, I decided to finally make one. 

This year has been a bit of an emotional and professional roller coaster for me. I quit my day job in January and went through a bit of a burnout period; I started freelancing mostly at a part-time capacity for indie games and small illustration gigs; I started learning Blender and 3D Animation on Blender and created two different personal projects (Project X-37 and a TBA RPG project) to push my portfolio a bit further towards a more Concept Art/Design direction, which is my main goal as an artist.

It has been a heck of a ride so far and hopefully I'll be able to show a lot of my work soon. Most of it hasn't been announced or even released to the public, so I can't show it yet - which is unfortunate, as I'm really excited about it -, but hopefully that will change soon!

I also started selling some prints and posters of these pieces (above). Check out the prints here:

Have a great Sunday and an awesome week!

Almost there!

General / 12 December 2018

I finally got around to pick this artwork again.
I have to be honest, this final phase was a bit more loose, which was something I was not expecting on going. I wanted something almost Matte Painting, but I’ve been focusing my portfolio on the pre-production phase, so I actually wanted to speed it up a bit. 

I've recently made a big decision in my career. A lot of people been telling me it is too risky and what not, but I'm going all-in on getting myself into the AAA Industry. This next year is definitely going to be a hard working year pushing myself more than ever so I really don't want to waste more time than I need or should to. I might still add some details and more props - ships, textures, maybe... not sure. If you have any suggestions, please leave me your comment! For now, I'll leave you this close to finish.

Have a good one!

ArtStation Challenge Withdrawl

General / 10 October 2018

It's unfortunate, but due to a series of events I've decided to withdraw from the current Challenge.
I started working on it before going THU and was really hoping to be able to finish it after it, but unfortunately, after I came back from the event I found out I had to be away from my workstation for about a week. Then I started Inktober to take a bit of an advantage, but yeah... Things sort of dragged out and now, 5 days in and all I got is a bunch of sketches...
Since I work full-time and I'm having way too much with Inktober - I really don't want to stop -, I decided to withdraw from the Challenge instead.

It's a bit of a shame, but no harm done. Still working on my stuff and that's what matters!
At 31st October, I'll make a selection of the Best Of Inktober 2018. Until then, I'll be scribbling and posting on instagram!

I really do want to finish another ArtStation Challenge though. Does anyone know when the next will be? February? March?

PS. Last post I promised more progress on that Cyberpunk City. That promise is not broken entirely! Will start it again soon.

Have a good one!

First post with a sneak peak!

Making Of / 05 September 2018

Hi guys! I bought a Pro membership a while ago, but I haven't really been taking advantage of it that much. Going to try and change that just a bit with a few posts these next few days.

About a month ago I was messing around a lot with 3DS Max and ended up starting a small project. I love sci-fi so, of course it would have to be something along those lines.

I came up with this simple block-in:

I started editing this almost instantly after the initial render, but for various reasons I started messing around with other stuff a while after... Now, since I got the last minute chance to go to THU (F yeaah!) I got motivated to push myself again with this one.

Here's the current version:

  A lot of work still to be done, but I can see the potential. I hope I won't mess it up eheh ^^"

Let me know what you think if you have any feedback!