Happy New Year! Goals for 2020

General / 04 January 2020

Hi hi!

It's already the 4th. It's starting to feel like it is becoming late for this already to be honest... I've done it in a few other places already - far sooner too - but here it is: 

Happy New Year to everyone here on Artstation! 

You have been amazing in supporting my work and I can't thank you enough!


This past year was a little of a mess. I quit my job at the start of the year; left my parent's house to go and live with my brother; started a project that almost immediately became on hiatus; my actual year goals went out the window - twice! -, but I started 4 new projects and one of them is almost finished!

I worked A LOT behind the curtain too. I think most people don't even realize the amount of work I've been doing, mostly because of how much is either undisclosed or me not even posting anything about it.

I've been developing my own games on UE4, I've been doing a lot of concept art work too (finally) and working on other people's games, I've started to mess around with Blender, doing 3D Modeling and Animation.
Unfortunately, rarely being paid for the work I've been doing, but it has been a good experience so far.
Hopefully, this year things start going a different direction in the "being paid department" haha.

Art Goals for 2020

  • Do more Portfolio-worthy Character Design 
  • Start doing pro-level Freelance
  • Finish at least one project
  • Start Sculpting in Blender
  • Do more Environment Design with 3D processes

And there's a bunch more goals down the line, but I'm keeping those under check for the years to come.

I wish you the best and that your own goals may be achieved this year!