First post with a sneak peak!

Making Of / 05 September 2018

Hi guys! I bought a Pro membership a while ago, but I haven't really been taking advantage of it that much. Going to try and change that just a bit with a few posts these next few days.

About a month ago I was messing around a lot with 3DS Max and ended up starting a small project. I love sci-fi so, of course it would have to be something along those lines.

I came up with this simple block-in:

I started editing this almost instantly after the initial render, but for various reasons I started messing around with other stuff a while after... Now, since I got the last minute chance to go to THU (F yeaah!) I got motivated to push myself again with this one.

Here's the current version:

  A lot of work still to be done, but I can see the potential. I hope I won't mess it up eheh ^^"

Let me know what you think if you have any feedback!