Name: Filipe Almeida Pinto

Location: Lisbon, Portugal

Software: Photoshop CC, SketchUp, zBrush
Hardware: Asus X550C 15.6 inch screen, Windows 8.1, Wacom Bamboo medium size

Art Multimedia at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon.

I have been studying animation in University and the interest in this field has grown a lot in this last year. Although I really like doing animation I am much more interested in pursuing a career in Digital Painting and Concept Art. This is why most of my works in the portfolio are dedicated to digital painting and concept art, because these are the subjects I want to be a professional at.

I also find myself being very influenced by TV Shows and Movies. They're my current hobbies and stuff like Star WarsSpirited AwayThe Ultimate SpidermanNarniaInterstellarPredestinationTotal RecallFringeAscensionFirefall among many other movies and shows are very important to my visual liking.